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Start Up Stack

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The ultimate stack to help tone your body and comes with a shaker and water bottle.

Breakfast Shake

Introducing our new and highly anticipated Slimatone Breakfast Shake. Our breakfast shake is the perfect way to start your day keeping you feeling healthy and energized.


Slimatone Breakfast Shake is packed with a combination of good quality fiber, CLA, Carnitine and a full multivitamin blend. Our shake is designed to keep you full with a low carb, high protein balanced breakfast replacement.


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Shape CLA

Slimatone Shape CLA breaks fat down and transports it to the mitochondria to be made available to be used as energy. Take one CLA with breakfast, one with lunch and one with dinner for optimal results. This will aid in breaking down fat and toning the body.


Contents: 60 Softgels

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