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Shredz Stack

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Assisting you in breaking down that last bit of stubborn fat, the Shredz stack is ideal.


Slimatone Diuretic aids in the elimination of excess water, it supports uid balance and a healthy urinary tract. Diuretic is comprised of Vitamin B-6 which regulates the blood sugar levels in the body. Potassium Chloride is another important ingredient in Slimatone Diuretic; it enhances the balance of water in the body and balances the body’s electrolytes.

Contents: 60 Capsules

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Shape CLA

Slimatone Shape CLA breaks fat down and transports it to the mitochondria to be made available to be used as energy. Take one CLA with breakfast, one with lunch and one with dinner for optimal results. This will aid in breaking down fat and toning the body.

Contents: 60 Softgels

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