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Shredder Stack

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The ultimate weight-loss stack.

Tone CLA

Tone CLA increases lean muscle mass while decreasing fat stores. It inhibits fats from being transported into fat deposits and prevents fat cells from increasing.

Tone CLA is comprised of Conjugated Linoleic Acid complex which is an ingredient that increases your metabolic rate, it increases the immune systems resistance, it lowers cholesterol and increases muscle growth. Tone CLA is the perfect weight loss aid.

Contents: 90 Softgels

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Slimatone Endurovit has all the multivitamins and minerals to keep your immune system strong and keep you healthy. Endurovit gives you everything you need to stay strong and healthy throughout the day.

Contents: 60 Capsules

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Shape SF (Stimulant Free)

Shape SF was designed for women who do not enjoy stimulants that maintain adrenal levels, but still want to lose weight.

Shape SF aid in weight loss as it increases fat metabolism, it maintains your appetite, it improves your blood circulation and increases your mood. Shape SF contains Acetyl L-Carnitine which is an amino-acid that gains energy from fat as well as green tea extract which aids in weight loss, it has been found to lower the risk of cancer and it improves overall brain functioning.

Contents: 120 Capsules

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Sugar Destroyer

Sugar destroyer was designed to support healthy blood sugar levels, reduce the insulin spike after sugar intake and dulls the absorption of simple sugars.

Slimatone Sugar Destroyer is made from Gymnema Sylvestrewhich reduces the risk of Diabetes by lowering the blood sugar levels.

Contents: 80 Capsules

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