Keri More (Review) – Slimatone

Keri More (Review)

I stumbled across a Slimatone post on Instagram, bumped into the promo girls at the pharmacy, had a look at the website and made my first order: Tone CLA and Strong. These two products increased my energy levels more than I expected and the motivation from following the social media and mailing list allowed me to start exercising more and get back on track with physical therapies. My second purchase, the Slayer Stack, further increased my energy levels and with it my motivation. Next on the list was the breakfast shake. As a general non-breakfast eater, I can most definitely vouch for the boost I get when drinking it.


The service, ease of purchase and delivery are the icing on the feel-good cake. I’ve received such thoughtful and kind assistance and advice, I don’t feel like I’m ‘just another customer’ with Slimatone. Now, a few months down the line and easily fitting into my skinny jeans again (but often choosing to trade them for sweatpants!), I can happily say that the Slimatone products have in fact changed my life for the better. Also wanted to ask if its possible to switch the Shape Thermogenic for the SF in the slayer stack? I’m probably going to make another order sometime this week.


Thanks so much again for everything! I tried not to be too emotional in my review but your products really have changed my life! I actually can’t bet to think where I would be without them and the motivation your brand has given me!