About Us – Slimatone

About Us

 Slimatone is a brand designed for everyone looking to lead a healthier lifestyle.  Our aim is to make people feel better about themselves daily and to lead a fuller life. We understand the struggles that people face daily and have designed our products specifically based around those needs. The Slimatone production process takes approximately one year of development before it is released onto the shelves, ensuring that the products are of the highest quality for our clients. Slimatone sources its ingredients from raw materials that are a combination of food stuff items and nutraceutical items (functional foods, which are foods that provide health-giving additives). We pride ourselves on providing the absolute best quality for our clients.

Slimatone takes into consideration the human body and how it works, understanding each detail.  We know that it can be extremely difficult juggling a career, a family and trying to stay healthy hence why we have a wide variety

Slimatone is targeted at men & women aged 18-60. Specifically people that are juggling busy lifestyles and struggling to stay healthy. Slimatone has specific products that cater to the needs that many sophisticated and active people deal with such as, stress, lack of sleep and lack of mineral and vitamin support.

The main aim of Slimatone is to help all people to be healthier and happier in every domain of their lives. We aim to help people feel good about them selves and to be proud of who they are. Our products are scientifically designed for the needs and goals of everyone, whether you are activelytraining or not. It is difficult to lead a healthy lifestyle so we aim to help and guide people in a simple yet effective way.

We have a wide variety of products that will cater to every need!