Slimatone Shredder Plus transformation!

Slimatone Shredder Plus transformation!

Last week we told you to join our Slimatone Shredder transformation, this week, we’re saying if you want to go BIG join our Slimatone Shredder Plus transformation!

The only difference here is that we have replaced our Shape SF with our Shape Thermogenic which is usually R499,95 alone!  Get this awesome package including, Daily Lift, Tone and a Sugar Destroyer and the Shape Thermogenic for as little as R790, 44!  Plus we’ve thrown in a Slimatone T Shirt and Shaker because we want to spoil you!

If you have more weight than you should it’s time to get serious about losing weight. It’s vital to protect your health today and into your later years of life. What you don’t see now may show up when it’s too late to make a change, we want to help you!

Our Shape Thermogenic was created using the latest scientific research to make an advanced product to assist our ladies with their weight loss.  You cannot go wrong with this one!

Like many other overweight women, you may have tried time and time again to lose weight with no success. You may feel hopeless and figure ‘what’s the point’ to even try.  This is why we have designed our Shredder Plus package!  Just to help you reach your goals and achieve your daily nutrition as a woman!

Join the Slimatone Life, backed by the best brand for ladies! Remember, summer bodies are made in winter, and why not do so with a team of strong women who understand completely what you’re going through!