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Happiness and relaxation


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Happiness comes from within. It is such an important aspect for our overall well-being. Happiness encompasses experiencing enjoyment and satisfaction. Happiness does not necessarily mean being happy when doing certain things or when buying certain things, but rather the relationships formed and memories made.

Happiness is not defined as being happy all the time; it is associated with the happiness that is found within oneself. Loving yourself is a huge component of being happy. It is defined as being content with the decisions that one has made and the overall happiness from the goals that you have achieved.

Often work becomes very overwhelming, there is so much to do in such a  small amount of hours available, it is often difficult to wind down and relax; but studies have shown that it is vitally important to find the time to relax. Relaxation is a contributor to happiness.

Relaxation is described by the Oxford dictionary as a state that is free from tension and anxiety; it is resting after a period of work (Oxford Dictionaries | English, 2017).

Moments of relaxation can often contribute to your overall happiness, relaxing is anything that you find enjoyable or stress free, and differs from person to person. Many people might feel that lying on the couch reading a good book is their way of relaxing while others might enjoy hiking, there is no defined criteria for what relaxation is.

It is extremely important to find the time to relax, and often people find this whilst away on holiday. A holiday provides a complete break from the daily tasks that your job requires. A break now and then recharges your batteries and makes it easier to face the many challenges that are likely to come your way.

If taking a relaxing break is not an option for you, there are various relaxation techniques.  

Mediation is known to provide a relaxed state and bring about feelings of happiness. A psychologist, in Chicago, Robbie Maller Hartman, PhD states that research has shown that meditation can make you more resilient to stress as it seems to change the neural pathways in the brain.

Another technique is to inhale as deeply as possible and exhale slowly, this slows down your heart rate and reduces the levels of stress.

Reading a good book is another relation option, focus on something that your enjoy, even colouring in or building a puzzle.

Many people consider exercise as a form of relaxation; aerobic activity is known to decrease stress and lower blood pressure. Yoga is also associated with decreased levels of stress.

Try listening to music, put some headphones and just relax listen to the music that you enjoy and that relaxes you.

Relaxation has a vast array of psychological and physiological benefits. Firstly is slows your heart rate as your stress decreases and lowers your blood pressure. The quality of your sleep is improved as you being to relax and it is associated with lower levels of fatigue.

It is known to improve digestion and maintain blood sugar levels at normal levels. It decreases muscles spasms, tension and the pain that is often found in necks and shoulders due to high stress levels. Relaxation improves concentration and promotes a positive attitude and mood, and it is known to reduce both anger and frustration that often overwhelms many people.

Happiness and relaxation often go hand in hand, it is extremely important that we find meaning in our lives, build relationships and make memories that will last a life time, the same can be said about relaxation, increased moments of relaxation decreases the likelihood of burning out and provides an overall positive attitude to everyday activities.