If you want help to get into shape for summer you are reading the righ – Slimatone

If you want help to get into shape for summer you are reading the right article!

Join our Slimatone Shredder transformation! 

Get this awesome package of Shape SF, Daily Lift, Tone and a Sugar Destroyer for as little as R739, 44!  Plus we’ve thrown in a Slimatone T Shirt and Shaker because we want to spoil you!

Supplements help you get to where your diet and workout can’t.   Some supplements provide additional benefits like increased energy, enhance moods and give you’re an overall healthier appearance depending on what your body needs.  This is why we have put the following supplements together to create the Shredder package; they work hand in hand and will help you achieve weight goals you have!

Firstly, we have the Shape SF.  This is designed specifically for our ladies that do not enjoy stimulants or ingredients that modulate adrenal levels.  If you are looking for an effective weight loss aid minus the energy kick Shape SF is the fat burner for you!

Our Tone works so well with our Shape products!  Slimatone Tone decreases fat stores while stimulating increased lean muscle mass, booty goals? No stress, Slimatone Tone has got you!

Daily Lift is our amazing multivitamin, which is designed specifically for women!  It assists in helping ladies achieve their daily requirements.

Lastly, we’ve added in our best seller, Sugar Destroyer!  We know how hard it can be to eat clean! Especially on the weekends, that’s why we’re giving you a bit of leeway with this product.  It is used before a cheat meal or indulging in something sweet. Sugar Destroyer supports healthy blood sugar levels and dilutes the small intestine so that simple sugars are not absorbed.  All the taste with none of the guilt!

You can see we’ve taken the time to put together the perfect products for you to achieve your goals at even less of the cost!  Join the Slimatone Life! Remember, summer bodies are made in winter!