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When Is It Best To Indulge In Sweet Treats?

By Alexandra Botez

When Is It Best To Indulge In Sweet Treats?

We should start by being honest. It is impossible to go completely without sugar. Whether we need it to balance our sugar levels, or our hormones, or we just need it for energy. It is seriously hard to go completely without sugar. Whether it is a piece of chocolate, a slice or cake, some jelly babies, we can try find a way to fit them into our diet. Now again this can not be a consistent exercise. This is for the days you find your body really needs it. I know that sometimes even I feel a need a bit of sugar, as if my body is just lacking. So a few wine gums and I am good to go. Also the key here is to limit yourself. You may have a slice of cake, not the whole cake and a slab of chocolate and an ice cream with chocolate sauce. Limit the amount to what your body needs.

1. Sugar is more acceptable before a workout. It will give us the boost of energy we need and will easily be burnt off quickly. Even certain athletes and trainers I know have a few sweets before training to get them moving.

2. Sugar after training can aid in spiking or insulin to help with better absorbtion of our post workout nutrients.

3. Sugar directly after a meal can help balance your sugar levels and prevent you from overdoing the sugar. 

4. Sugar intake earlier in day is always better as you gives your body more time to burn it off successfully. Preferably not on an empty stomach so that you do not mess with your insulin levels too often.

5. Mid afternoon also allows you time to burn off the sugar. Once again in moderate amounts the important thing is not to overdo the sugar intake as this will result in your body crashing and you may also be too full to eat your proper meals. 

We can find ways and times to have those sugar snack but we have to limit it and stick to certain rules. This does not mean that sugar is allowed daily 5 times a day. This is only the exception when our body really needs it.