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What To Eat When You Go Out With Your Girls?

By Alexandra Botez

What To Eat When You Go Out With Your Girls?

So a night out with your girls you want to be able to enjoy yourself and let loose a little bit. You don't want to constantly be eating lettuce and ordering the Caesar salad. We all know that dining out whether it is with friends or other couples very often means we eat badly. Drinks and fancy dishes and desserts can all kill our diet. So we need to try find a way around it or at least a way to make sure that dining out isn't always a disaster to our diet.


Have a small healthy snack before going out. If we go out to a restaurant famished then we are more likely going to go for the least healthy, most carb and sugar packed meal on the menu. That is just how our brains work. Even if you are going to enjoy a nice meal, drink water throughout. Drink water before and during your meals. Rather choose the grilled or steamed option instead of baked of fried if possible. Eat your meal slowly and enjoy it. This may fill you more than eating an entire pizza in 5 minutes. Let your food digest and enjoy it properly. Have a nice cup of coffee or cappuccino instead of dessert. When you are asked which side you would like with your meal, take the healthier option. Preferably not the chips or wedges, rather take the veggies. Do not eat from the bread basket before the meal. Firstly, that has been on a few tables before coming to yours. Secondly, you do not need the extra carbs. Try and avoid those heavy sugar filled drinks, rather have a Sprite zero then a Sprite. There is nothing wrong with sharing a plate of food with someone. Many times we leave with a doggy bag that never gets eaten. Rather share a portion with someone and save some money too.


It's not about being boring or not enjoying yourself, and you do not need to follow all these rules. These are simply small guidelines to help you not over indulge and kill your diet. Do what works best for you, while still having fun and enjoying yourself.