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Understanding the detox process

By Alexandra Botez

Understanding the detox process

A detox is the process in which a person makes changes to clear their body of toxins.  Toxins are potentially harmful substances we come into contact with every day — pesticides on your food, pollutants in the air, ingredients in processed foods and the list goes on.
Toxins are stored in fat cells because this is the safest place to keep them secure. When the body detects a buildup of toxins, it begins to retain water as protection for diluting the toxins within its tissues.  The more toxics in your body, the more weight you gain and retain.
This is why our ‘Detox’ Stack is brilliant for getting rid of toxins!  Our Fiber Support will make sure will make sure you get enough fiber during the day in order to rid yourself of these toxins, it will too aid in healthy regularity.  Our Diuretic will help rid your body of water retention caused by stress and toxins whilst supporting your fluid balance and a healthy urinal tract.
A detox can help your body's natural cleansing process by:

How you know if you need to detox
  1. Unexplained fatigue
  2. Irritated skin
  3. Allergies
  4. Low-grade infection
  5. Puffy eyes or bags under the eyes
  6. Bloating
  7. Menstrual problems
  8. Mental confusion

Make sure to purchase this stack if you need to restart your body!  Drink plenty of water and eats lots of fiber, along with our Fibre Support of course.
Keep us updated with your detox! We’d love to hear from you.