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Yoga and it’s benefits physically and mentally

By Hampton Pharmaceuticals

Yoga and it’s benefits physically and mentally

In the busy days of a women’s world, it can be extremely difficult to wind down and relax. A lot of people speak of yoga and its benefits, but what are they?

Yoga is described by Merriam-Webster, as the ‘beneficial system of exercise for attaining bodily or mental control’. The yoga term is derived from the Hindu religion and bases its teachings, not only on the physical aspects, but also the importance of well-being and relaxation.

As stated by the American Osteopathic Association, the benefits are both that of physical and mental.

The mental benefits are said to improve overall well-being. Yoga reduces stress levels, by increasing your minds ability to handle the stress that comes your way. Yoga has been shown to increase concentration levels and a person’s confidence.

Physically is one of the better activities to do especially if you suffer from general pain and or pain during exercise. As yoga is comprised of stretching, it helps loosen all the tight and stiff muscles. The stretching exercises associated with yoga can also help correct postural abnormalities, which in turn will relieve some pain experienced. For example, if your back muscles are tight, the tightness might causes you to crunch over, therefore stretching those muscles and stretching the core muscles, will cause you to stand up straighter and reduce back pain.

Yoga has been found to increase flexibility. I’m sure many of us can agree with this statement after attending a couple of session, especially if your flexibility wasn’t the greatest. This is a huge benefit due to the fact that flexibility is vitally important for the body’s basic mechanics; if certain muscles are tight other muscles in the body, compensate for those weak and tight muscle, which will cause pain.

Yoga also aids in weight loss and increases muscle tone, firming up the parts of your body that you might not be particularly happy about. Studies show that yoga has beneficial aspects for athletes as well, due to the fact that it can reduce the risk of injury. It has major benefits for the cardiovascular system as it increases the blood flow to the heart.

Here are just a few, of the many, yoga poses and positions that you can try. The mountain pose, start off by standing up tall, legs straight and arms at your side. Inhale and bring your arms over your head, the palms of your hands should be facing each other. Exhale.

The downward dog, start on your hands and knees. Extend your arms forward by crawling along the floor with your hands. Straighten your legs, raising you behind in the air. Always ensure that you head is facing downwards to avoid injury or pain.

Balsana is done starting on all fours, bend over so that your stomach and chest touches the top of your legs, and ensure that there is some space between your knees. Stretch your arms out forward in front of you as far as possible.

The tree, standing on both legs, slowly bring your one leg up, resting it against the inner side of your knee (balancing on one leg). Inhale and bring your arms over your head, palms should be touching and facing each other. Exhale as you bring your arms down. Do the same on the other leg.

Life can get overwhelming and chaotic, but it is essential to focus on yourself, especially for the mental side, stress can cause many issues. Yoga is a great way to free your mind whilst doing some exercise. Take some time in the morning, before you head off for your busy day or do some yoga just before you doze off, you will sleep a lot better due to its relaxing effects.