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The positive and negative effects of fibre

By Hampton Pharmaceuticals

The positive and negative effects of fibre

Fibre is described as the part of fruits and vegetables, all plant based foods, which cannot be digested. Another term that is often used to describe fibre, is roughage. Fibre is comprised of polysaccharides which are carbohydrates that are made up of bonded sugar molecules.

Fibre is extremely important in terms of living a healthy lifestyle. Fibre is divided into, two different types, firstly soluble fibre and secondly insoluble fibre.

Soluble fibre is defined as the type of fibre that passes through the digestive system and is dissolved in the water of the gut. As the fibre passes through the digestive tract, it absorbs the water, which then changes the composition, causing it to become gelatinous.

As the Soluble fibre passes through the digestive system it is fermented by the bacteria in the gut, this improves your digestive system and immune system.

According to the University of Maryland Medical Centre, Soluble fibre reduces cholesterol, therefore, protecting against heart disease. Soluble fibre is also known to reduce constipation.  People who suffer from diabetes can greatly benefit from soluble fibre consumption as it regulates the amount of sugar intake from foods.

Foods high in soluble fibre are broccoli, brussel sprouts, spinach, apples, grapefruit, carrots, prunes, potato’s, whole wheat bread, rye, oatmeal and barley.

Insoluble fibre is the opposite of soluble fibre, it doesn’t dissolve in water. Unlike soluble fibre it doesn’t change its composition. Insoluble fibre helps other foods pass through the digestive system; insoluble fibre is fermented in the colon.

The benefits of insoluble fibre are, that it keeps healthy bowl movements and decreases the likeliness of constipation, although it often can contribute to diarrhoea.  Insoluble fibre shouldn’t be consumed in large quantities if you are susceptible to this type of bowl movement.  

Insoluble fibre also aids in speeding up the process of eliminating waste via the colon. Insoluble fibre has also been found to keep the correct pH balance in the intestines; it can also prevent the chances of colorectal cancer.

Bran, nuts and seeds, leafy dark greens, whole wheat, the skin of fruits and certain cereals such as All-Bran Flakes.

The overall positives of fibre are that fibre provides the feeling of fullness. This is beneficial if you are wanting to lose weight, adding to that fact, is that foods rich in fibre are often very healthy, therefore not only will you be improving the functioning of your digestive system, you will also be eating healthy and clean.

The negative effects of fibre are mainly attributed to eating too much fibre too quickly. Some of the consequences related to eating too much fibre are intestinal cramping. The cramping is due to the body’s inability to break down the fibre being passed through the gut, and this in-turn causes the digestive process to slow down, or possibly stop.

Another negative effect of fibre is the issue of diarrhoea. Fibre that is consumed too quickly can increase the speed at which it is passed through the digestive system, the body will not have enough time to adjust.

A study conducted by the Colorado State University stated that fibre could hinder the absorption of vital mineral and vitamins as the fibre binds to nutrients.

Bloating and intestinal gas may also be caused by consuming too much fibre to quickly, this happens because the fibre and bacteria in your gut  have a negative effect on each other.

Some guidelines to reducing the side effects of fibre, whilst consuming it, are starting off slowly, don’t overload your body with fibre in a short amount of time. Exercise more frequently, as exercise activates the movement of the bowl. Increase your water intake while consuming high fibre foods.

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