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Dr Journal: Stretch Marks

Stretch Marks

By Hampton Pharmaceuticals

Stretch Marks

It is inevitable, our bodies change and they never seem to return to the way they used to be. For some this change is a positive thing, whilst other’s might sit back and think “why me”?

Many of us, as women, encounter what we feel, are these dreadful stripes or lines across our bodies; these are stretch marks.

Stretch marks are discoloured lines. These lines can be various pigments such as purple, grey or silver and white. Stretch marks are formed when our bodies experience sudden drastic changes in weight. These changes can be related to pregnancy, a dramatic increase or decrease in weight.

Stretch marks occur due to the overstretching of the dermis, the middle layer of skin. This stretching is the result of the dermis tearing, creating the lines that are visible.

Stretch marks often occur in the following regions of the body – the stomach, the breasts, the thighs and the behind. The lines of stretch marks often feel like indentations on your skin, they create slight grooves and ridges.

Women are more susceptible to develop stretch marks than men are; people of a fairer complexion are more prone to encounter stretch marks. Some of the causes of stretch marks can be attributed to genetics, that is, if it runs in the family, hormone changes such as puberty, pregnancy and the size or birth weight of the baby.

By now I am sure that you are wondering if it is at all possible to reduce the chances or to prevent more stretch marks returning or if it is possible to prevent them completely. Sadly there is no prevention method available, but to try and reduce the chances it has been suggested that keeping your skin and body hydrated, could make a difference. That is applying a hydrating lotion on each day and ensuring that you are consuming more than enough water.

A minimal amount of scientific research has indicated a ‘cure’ or treatment of stretch marks; however, a lot of people are resorting to laser and cosmetic surgeries. The medical definition of a laser surgery is the use of a laser light that penetrates the skin, cutting into the tissue of the affected area. This laser treatment reduces the size and sight of scaring. Cosmetic surgery on the other hand is the reconstruction of appearance, therefore changing the look completely.

Although it can be tough having to deal with such things like stretch marks, which often make us feel insecure and unhappy about the way we feel and look at ourselves.  These marks are sometimes just a part of life and we should never allow them to run our lives, be confident and be happy!

It is important to realise that we are women and that we should love every part of ourselves, be proud of the fact that you have scars to show, it proves that you have fought and concurred many battles.

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