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Summer is here! Get that dream body you deserve!

By Alexandra Botez

Summer is here! Get that dream body you deserve!

Watch your carbs

Eating a lot of unhealthy carbs will cause you to hold water, focus more of your carbohydrate intake on fruits, veggies and clean carbs such as basmati rice or sweet potatoes to avoid gaining or holding water weight.

Avoid fizzy cool drinks

These types of drinks will force you to look bloated even if they are sugar free.  Now is a good time to swap them out for water, especially if you want to stay healthy and keep your skin glowing.

Add a little cardio to your gym routine

To really start trimming the little bit of fat from winter, add in short bursts of high intensity cardio to your training program.  These are far more effective in terms of burning body fat than doing long amounts of slow paced cardio.  Try a gym class or start doing short distant sprint bursts.


Dry skin gives off a dull appearance, which is something that isn't going to improve your muscle tone to any degree. Taking the time once per week to exfoliate and apply a deep moisturising cream will get your skin in the best shape possible so people don't notice it, along with any of the perceived body flaws you may think you have.

Add in some squats

Squats will help lift your bum while also toning your thighs. Add to the fact that it's so intense in nature and will therefore be a terrific calorie burner and you really can't go wrong.

Try Slimatone supplements that will help you reach your goals

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Lastly, don't forget to have a good time this summer. Remember that the more comfortable you feel, the better image of yourself you will project and thus the more attractive you will look.
Don't force yourself to wear a bathing suit that you don't think looks good. Remember, Slimatone is designed to make your life better, we want to help you be more confident!