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The modern world women

By Hampton Pharmaceuticals

The modern world women

In the modern world women are play a valuable role of care givers, business women, teachers, counsellors and spiritual healers. Women are not trying to become men but are embracing their feminine qualities that make them unique.

They really give meaning to the word multi-tasking by managing to balance work, finances, children, family events and health at the same time; it is not an easy task. However from time to time with hormonal changes or imbalances in the environment the body and spirit may need some help. There are 5 important areas of life that can be affected.

Finding me time, just time to do what I like for myself, I think most women can relate to that. Finding time for hobbies, yoga or crafts is important part of a balance life and it helps one with an inward spiritual journey. One must set time for regular meditation or what I call healing activities on regular bases according to one’s nature and interests, trying something different to your work routine like Dance classes, yoga and spar treatments

These activities really help the mind and body to heal and unwind; as it is said that disease moves from mental ,then to emotional and then to physical.

With the need to balancing everything, we overlook our diets ; eating what family members want to eat or the burnt toast that you eat when there’s no time to pop another one, is just part of a woman’s selfless nature, but this can lead to conditions like weight gain, lack of energy, acidity and malnutrition.

Try to be strict with your breakfast it’s the most missed meal. Breakfast helps one to gain nutrients. It’s the perfect time for fibre intake to clean the gut or to take vegetable juices and eating at that time helps to improve digestion. Breakfast must be light and healthy. All brand, Plain yogurt, fruits or health shakes are good choices for a healthy breakfast.

The Skin is one of our largest organs and it protects our bodies and removes toxins as well. Using organic skin products with high antioxidants like Neem (detox and purifies is important oil balance) are important. Here is a list of some of the vitamins good for skin health.

Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Zinc and Q10 Coconut oil is natural oil that can be used for skin rashes; or to remove makeup and to nourish the skin all over the body.

It is quite natural that the imbalance can lead to stress, and as one should know that stress leads to depression, anxiety and chronic diseases. It affects ones mood, sleep and eating habits. I would say time management is an important factor with stress.

Good communication is important as we live in the world of technology and information, but there is a grate lack in understanding the emotional and personal interaction need of a woman.

I think all mothers can understand the need for a good nights rest. Firstly no doctor can replace sleep. The body and mind cannot function without it. Other concerning factors with imbalance sleep will be to check thyroid function and female hormonal levels by way of a blood report from your primary doctor. In this age there is all so a need to look at fears and anxiety related conditions.

Remedies that can help would include exercises, homeopathic remedies, herbal teas, magnesium, essential oils and good sleeping habits.