Pilates – Slimatone


By Hampton Pharmaceuticals


Pilates is described as a form of exercise that focuses on flexibility and strength, an alternative name for Pilates is physical mind method.

Pilates is a fully body workout that strengthens all the large muscle groups such as the back, buttocks and abdominal muscles. The strengthening of these main muscle groups is extremely important for reducing the risk of injury and correcting postural impairments. Through teaching the correct technique, the risk of both injury and postural problems is largely reduced.

Not only is Pilates a full body workout, but it incorporates all the fundamental aspects of a proper training programme, such as strength training, muscular endurance, flexibility, balance and proprioception.

Pilates is a fun and interesting way to keep active and healthy; due to the incorporation of the many muscle groups. It is a great way to keep fit, tone up or lose weight.

There are a vast array of medical benefits that are associated with Pilates such as a reduction in high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

Pilates is extremely beneficial for people who have experienced injuries as it contributes to increased range of motion and flexibility around the affected joints. Pilates increases coordination, balance and strength whilst reducing stress.

There are a wide variety of exercises that you will encounter along your Pilates journey. The hundred exercise, is done lying on your back. Lift your head, neck and back as well as lifting your legs to a 45 degree angle. Place your hands beside your legs and raise them, then lower them continuously for 30 seconds.

The roll up is done for abdominal training and stretching of the spine. Lie on your back and extend your hands toward the ceiling. Tuck your chin in and slowly roll yourself up.

For a core and leg work-out the double straight leg stretch is the ideal exercise. Lie flat on your back. Hands placed behind your neck while it is relaxed. Slightly raise the upper portion of your back and slowly raise both legs up to a 45 degree angle, then slowly lower them.

A bridge, is done by lying on your back, shoulders relaxed. Bend your knees to 90 degrees. Slowly lift your hips towards the ceiling and hold for 5-10 seconds then relax and repeat.

If you want to try something different and if you feel like the weight section in the gym is not for you, try Pilates and start experiencing the benefits while having fun!!