Our Newest Release Breakfast Shake – Slimatone

Our Newest Release Breakfast Shake

By Alexandra Botez

Our Newest Release Breakfast Shake

We have all heard people tell us that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We have heard it again and again. And as clichéd as it is, it is also very true. All our meals are important of course, but a balanced breakfast is the start our bodies require to go about our day. 


The irony is that the most important meal of the day, is the meal that most women skip completely. Nobody has time to stand and cook a balanced breakfast in the morning. Our time is occupied with children and cleaning and getting the family ready for the day. Yet you still need to get your balance of nutrients somehow. This is the reason why we created the Slimatone Breakfast Shake.


So lets try focus on what our bodies need to start out the day. We have been asleep and our bodies and cells need to be fed, in a healthy way. So we need good quality protein. Protein that will absorb easily and efficiently. We need our dose of vitamins and minerals, to keep us energized and maintain a healthy immune system. We need something that fills us, so we don't go looking for the wrong foods. We need something that is low in sugar so that we do not spike our sugar levels so early in the day. We needs food that keep us feeling regular. 


The Slimatone Breakfast Shake is designed to give you exactly what you need to start your day. With the highest quality protein and low carbohydrates, it is the perfect healthy option to pick up every morning. The full vitamin and mineral blend keeps you strong and healthy. Added fiber to keep you feeling full and regular. CLA and Carnitine to help you break down fat for energy throughout the day. The Slimatone Breakfast shake is the perfect balance for a quick and easy meal every morning, giving you everything your body needs. Designed specifically for you, for every day use. Take care of your most important meal of the day, the Slimatone way.