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How To Tighten Your Tush!

By Alex Botez

How To Tighten Your Tush!

Summer is fast approaching and if you have to ask any lady at all, the areas they will all say they want to tighten are their bum and their tummy. Unfortunately that old cliché does very much apply whereby bodies are made in the kitchen mostly. However, let us assume we have our diets nicely under control and we are looking for that extra to help us firm up our rear ends and get them summer ready. What are the best exercises for your behind to aid in burning fat and firming up.

Squats are always the go to exercise to tighten up the legs and glutes and build nice solid lean muscle. Never neglect doing your squats. There are always many variations of squats we can do from normal squats to wide stance, narrow stance, single leg squats. Try alternate between them so that you are working all different areas of your hamstrings, quads and glutes. Make sure form is paramount and do not overdo the amount of weight you are doing. Rather focus on the intensity and concentration. Single leg squats can do wonders also for your mobility and for strengthening your hips.

Straight leg deadlifts with either dumbells or a barbell really tighten up your glutes and also give them that wonderful stretch. These exercises are very important for the glutes and hamstrings. Also, lying leg curls tighten up the lower parts of the glutes for that form and tone we are looking for. Try supersetting the two exercises to optimize results. Kickbacks either on all fours or with a cable weight attached to your ankle are another brilliant exercise. Make sure you complete the full movement and that the leg extends all the way straight back. Hip-lifts lying on your back with your arms by your sides and lifting your hips towards the ceiling, tightening your bum and squeezing are brilliant. You can even add a weight across your lap, a light barbell for optimum results.

All of these exercises perfectly target your glutes and can help your tighten up nicely while building some solid lean muscle. Do not forget to add some much needed cardio to your exercises. The stepper is brilliant for the bum, as well as a light walk on the treadmill on an incline. Keep the heart rate around 130 and do your cardio for 20-30 minutes after your training session. This will work wonders on toning your buttocks to make you beach ready.

Diet is important but the training routine will aid you in building the necessary muscle needed. If you can manage these two together you will have a tight, toned bum in no time!