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Hiking is a powerful cardio workout

By Alexandra Botez

Hiking is a powerful cardio workout

Hiking is a powerful cardiovascular activity and provides plenty of benefits to the body, including the ability to strengthen and tone muscle, as well as improve endurance and stamina. During a hike you target your entire lower body to shape and tone, especially with Slimatone Shape and Slimatone Tone as a combo!

Hiking is a powerful cardio workout that can:

  • Lower your risk of heart disease.
  • Improve your blood pressure and blood sugar levels.
  • Boost bone density, since walking is a weight-bearing exercise.
  • Build strength in your glutes, legs, and the muscles in your hips.
  • Strengthen your core.

Food along with Slimatone Shape and Slimatone Tone will fuel your hike.  During your hike, eat snacks along the way that will keep your blood sugar levels stable, if your hike is long pack meals containing fats, carbs and proteins.  Make sure you are keeping yourself hydrated and drinking water!  Have you seen our Slimatone Shaker, this is the perfect shaker bottle for a hike!

We have two different fat burners in order to reach every lady’s needs!  Our Slimatone Thermogenic is designed specifically to meet ladies weight loss needs. It does this by increasing your metabolism enabling you to burn calories faster. It ensures that your appetite is maintained at a healthy level and it aids in providing you with more energy, helping you give your best in every situation. It is comprised of many vital nutrients, such as vitamin B6, which is important to regulate blood sugar levels, keeping them within a normal and healthy range. It also contains Vitamin B12 , which helps to fight against anaemia, and protects DNA cells from changes that could lead to cancer. 

Our Shape SF is designed for women who do not enjoy stimulants that maintain adrenal levels, but still want to lose weight. Shape SF aid in weight loss as it increases fat metabolism, it maintains your appetite, it improves your blood circulation and increases your mood.  Shape SF contains Acetyl L-Carnitine which is an amino-acid that gains energy from fat as well as green tea extract which aids in weight loss, it has been found to lower the risk of cancer and it improves overall brain functioning. 

Lastly, our Tone CLA increases lean muscle mass while decreasing fat stores. It inhibits fats from being transported into fat deposits and prevents fat cells from increasing. 

Tone CLA is comprised of Conjugated Linoleic Acid complex, which is an ingredient that increases your metabolic rate, it increases the immune systems resistance, it lowers cholesterol and increases muscle growth. Tone CLA is the perfect weight loss aid. 

Together with the Shape, Tone and hiking, you will build a strong core promotes the correct posture, improves breathing, and reduces the risk of ankle sprains and knee pain.  A hike will also make your core stronger, if you are preparing for a very long hike you can include planks and floor cobras into your daily gym routine.

Hiking burns considerably more calories than walking, and if you previously stuck to walks around your neighbourhood for exercise, by swapping to hiking you are bound to see huge weight loss. Burn those calories ladies and let us help you!