Happy Heritage Day! – Slimatone

Happy Heritage Day!

By Alexandra Botez

Happy Heritage Day!

Slimatone designed for women is an international brand proud to have South African roots!  Heritage Day is an important public holiday in South Africa as it recognises different aspects of South African culture and encourages South Africans across the spectrum to celebrate their cultural heritage, the diversity of their beliefs and different traditions.

Because our country is as distinctive as it is beautiful, Heritage Day was chosen as a day that all citizens of our vast rainbow nation could celebrate what makes them and their culture unique. The unifying factor being that each culture, race, and creed is different but each can understand the mutual need to have a celebration of their heritage and traditions.

Our Slimatone brand is quite diverse and always wanting to learn about new languages and cultures within our South African country so that we can expand our knowledge.  Did you know, our product is one of many few that have implemented the Afrikaans language into our new label designs?  

Of course, a braai is a must for Heritage Day. Uniquely South African, braai's are a tradition that all of us love to get involved in. Whether it’s a fresh-off-the-braai boerie roll or enjoying a homemade potato salad, braai's are all about sharing good food and good company.

While Heritage Day is about coming together and celebrating a shared past and culture, it is also about ensuring that each culture and belief is recognised. With this in mind, many people want to celebrate their personal beliefs and traditions. Some choose to wear traditional dress, practice traditional rituals or simply learn more about their ancestors. It is a good time to get together as a family or as friends and look to the past to see how your personal heritage has shaped how you live today.

We pride ourselves in empowering women and their uniqueness.  We are a brand who wants to help you be a better you no matter your traits, languages or cultures.  Let us raise them up and celebrate them!

Happy Heritage Day,

Love Slimatone!