BLACK FRIDAY Stack – Slimatone


By Alexandra Botez


It is Important to stack up your supplements together properly and efficiently in order to achieve optimal results. This week we are stacking them up for you in order to get the most out of your day and to make sure you are feeling healthy and relaxed! 

Our Black Friday stack includes our ever so popular Fiber Support, the wonderful stress reliever Stracura, and the newest member of our family, our On-The-Go Breakfast shake. The goal of the day is to help you feel energized, healthy, focused and calm. Correctly stacking up your supplements is as important as balancing your diet correctly, an our goal is to take care of you with our triple stack special.

There is no better way to start off the day then with our new Breakfast shake. Complete with a full multivitamin and mineral profile to keep you feeling fresh and healthy and supporting your immune system throughout the day. Quality protein and low carbohydrates with added Carnitine and CLA will help your body break down fat and speed up your metabolism throughout the day. Add your daily dose of Fibre Support to make sure you are staying regular and that your gut is healthy at all times. Adding your fibre will assist your body to absorb all vitamins and minerals more effectively making this the perfect combination to your Breakfast shake. Lastly, the most damaging factor to your body is cortisol. This hormone affects your body terribly when dealing with stress. No better way to combat cortisol the by adding Stracura to your daily routine. With all natural ingredients such as Rhodoila Rosea, Thenine and Thiamine, your cortisol levels will lower, and you will feel instantly relaxed with no sense of drowsiness at all. 

There couldn't be a more balanced stack and if you are looking to feel rejuvenated, relaxed, healthy and regular this is a fantastic combination on Black Friday. Get this stack whilst stocks last today!