A day to remember! – Slimatone

A day to remember!

By Alexandra Botez

A day to remember!

Wednesday 27 September 2017 will always be remembered as a very special day for the Slimatone brand.  On this day, we held one of our very first event, which we are proud and happy to say, turned out to be a huge success. Balloons were flying, guests had a chance to step onto the red carpet and enjoy a glass of Pongraz, whilst the warm sun kissed their skin. Sitting in the gardens of the elegant Anti-Aging Art in the heart of Houghton our celebration began.

We always knew what we wanted to achieve, right from the start, though we were unaware of how quickly we would accomplish these dreams.  Slimatone has always had a vision for strong and inspirational women to be the African face of the brand. 

“We chose Khanyi because we were inspired by her story. Khanyi is a hard working single mother who is driven and ambitious to be successful and happy. Slimatone Designed for Women, we want to inspire ladies from all walks of life to becoming and being their best,” Alexandra Botez, Co-Founder and Director of Slimatone.

We aim to work and collaborate with enthusiastic and powerful women on our team so that together we are able to inspire and help other women who may need it most! 

It is great to be independent, strong women in a world where women used to be seen as weak. Slimatone aims to fill ladies minds with ambition and intellectually stimulating thoughts of themselves, and tell the world to watch them do great things and be amazing women while doing it. There is no correct way to be a woman, and it is admirable to be resilient and strong.

"It's been a long process but I'm so excited to finally share the good news. Slimatone Designed For Women and I are aiming to not only inspire Woman but make sure they change their lifestyle in a positive way" Khanyi Mbau