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7 Essential items Alex has in her gym bag

By Alexandra Botez

7 Essential items Alex has in her gym bag

No more going to the gym empty-handed! Fill your bag with these items and set yourself up for a more productive and enjoyable workout!

1. Slimatone water bottle, clean towel and earphones

    Sweating is normal—especially in the gym! But nobody wants to sit in your sweat. I always bring a towel to wipe down the equipment after I finish using it. My Slimatone water bottle is the perfect size to keep me refreshed and fit into the machines while I’m doing cardio.

    2. Slimatone Shape SF and Slimatone Strong

    Shape SF aids in weight loss as it increases fat metabolism, it maintains your appetite, it improves your blood circulation and increases your mood. 

    Shape SF contains Acetyl L-Carnitine which is an amino-acid that gains energy from fat as well as green tea extract which aids in weight loss, this is why you can’t go without Shape SF during a session, all these amazing benefits will increase your fat burn while you work out!

    Strong helps ladies achieve their fitness, energy and muscle toning objectives. Slimatone Strong increases creatine absorption; it increases the muscle recovery rate and supports muscle and strength development. 

     It aids in faster muscle building, it improves the muscle recovery rate and increases your strength quicker.  Taking creatine will help to increase your overall workout intensity, which means you will achieve a higher level of toning!

    3. Slimatone shaker bottle and Slimatone Breakfast on-the-go

    My gym bag isn't complete without my Slimatone Shaker Bottle. I use it for all of my refreshment needs. It holds my water during working out and my post-workout Slimatone on-the-go shake!

    4. Slimatone clothing and gear

    Without good training clothes, your workout is probably going to be less than satisfactory. I always remember to pack some breathable, well-fitted clothing – such as my Slimatone t-shirt and gear, which is a great material for absorbing perspiration.

    5. Workout routine and playlist

    A planned workout is absolutely essential. Walking into the gym and not knowing what you plan to do can be dangerous, you’ll end up wasting time and not getting the full benefit of the workout that you want!

    Make sure you have put together a play list that will motivate you and help you get through your sessions! Music will help you push through the hard parts.

    6. Styling sneakers

    If you're an advanced runner, you may prefer running shoes to traditional cross-trainers. I always makes sure my sneakers provide the support I need for the type of training I do.