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6 Ways To Build Muscle While Dieting

By Alexandra Botez

6 Ways To Build Muscle While Dieting

Building lean muscle while dieting and cutting calories can be extremely difficult. Very often you end up losing more muscle then you had hoped to. Dropping calories down means that your muscles are not getting fed as much protein and amino acids then you were getting before. The risk here is losing more lean muscle mass then actual body fat. So lets look at some tips to ensure we are still building lean muscle.


1. Eat more protein during each meal. While you should be eating frequently to help speed up your metabolism, increase the protein portion per meal to keep feeding your muscles amino acids to assist in lean growth.


2. Drop weight slowly. The faster you try and do it, the lower you drop your calories, the more muscle you will burn and lose at the same time. Drop calories and weight gradually to try maintain lean muscle.


3. Don't take you foot off the pedal. Don't only focus on high reps and low weights, push yourself with the intensity of the weights. Do not slack off keep pushing the lean muscle.


4. Focus on high intensity cardio. Short sprints followed by walking works more effectively then consistent cardio at the same pace when it comes to building lean muscle.


5. Rest your muscles. After training certain muscle groups make sure to give them 2 days rest in order to grow and recover. This is immensely important as rest is as important as the training and nutrition.


6. As always.... Patience. The faster you try to get results the more disappointed and despondent you may get. Trust the process you are following.


This is never going to be an easy process and it may need tweaking here and there. Go easy on yourself but be vigilant and disciplined and it is possible. You can do it!