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5 Ways To Stick To A Diet When Your Family Does Not

By Alexandra Botez

5 Ways To Stick To A Diet When Your Family Does Not

It can be frustrating trying to diet and eat clean when the people around you just don't seem to care. Sometimes it can feel impossible. And cooking more then one meal becomes a nightmare. So how do diet when our families are not ready to diet with us. What are the tips we can use to get us started and help motivate us.

1. Remember it is about you and not about them. This is a decision made solely and not a decision made for the whole family. You need to equally respect their choices and allow the family to eat how they wish to eat, within reason. Try focus on yourself here and the changes made for you and you alone. I find doing something alone also drives me because it makes me feel different or unique and gives me that extra push.

2. Try not use the word diet. Think of it instead as a lifestyle choice moving forward. The word 'diet' tends to make us believe this is short term. People run and hide from the word diet. Including families.

3. Compromise. Instead of insisting that no takeaways will be allowed, makes compromises as to how often and what types of takeaways are better for you. Allow certain cheats on certain days. Just because this is your decision does not mean the whole family need to go the same route.

4. Communication. Explain to the family why you are doing this and how. Explain what is the reason behind everything. Let the family be part of the journey with you. Introduce them to the changes slowly.

5. Ask for support. Don't be scared to ask your family for support and encouragement. If you are struggling with cheating, ask your family to hide the treats rather from you. You should only as family for support however and not blame them if u drop the ball.

Its never easy doing anything alone but focus on the key here, you are doing this for you and you alone. Choosing to eat healthy and change your lifestyle is your choice, don't put it on your family. Instead ask for support.