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5 ways to reduce stress

By Alexandra Botez

5 ways to reduce stress

Everyone, everywhere around the world suffers from stress and the we all deal with the hormone cortisol that is caused by stress. Cortisol is very bad for the body so we need to do our best to manage our stress levels throughout our day. It is never easy to simply reduce stress but we can help control it better by focusing on a few basic key elements.


The first and most obvious way to assist in relieving stress, is to make sure you get enough sleep. Its easier said then done as many of us struggle to switch off at night. However, good quality sleep is extremely important in lowering stress levels. Try stay away from the TV and cellphone just before bed, stay away from stimulants and sugar at night. Good quality sleep and proper deep sleep assists in lowering cortisol levels.


Some form of exercise assists decreasing stress dramatically. The word exercise normally scares people but this could be as basic as taking your dog for a walk, playing outside with your children or just simply having a swim. All activity is exercise and the goal is to get your heart pumping and increase your endorphins, decreasing cortisol. The more you can do, the better you can feel.


Once again the word diet scares everyone so focus more on a balanced meal plan. Eat more regularly, fuelling your body with healthy snacks throughout the day. If you go hours without eating, your sugar levels drop off and your cortisol will increase. Eating sugar gives you a high and then your body and mind crash. This puts further stress on your body. Keep feeding and fuelling you body throughout the day with the vitamins and minerals that it requires.


Make sure you take a few minutes out of your day for some quiet time. Meditation may not be possible for everyone but simply take ten minutes to reflect and quiet your mind and body. This helps you simply to reset and relax.


For me the most important thing is do something every day for you, something that you enjoy that makes you smile or laugh. Read a book, watch your favourite show, read your cartoons, anything that just picks you up even through those hard days. This makes the world of difference.