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5 Ways To Keep In Shape Over The Festive Season

By Alexandra Botez

5 Ways To Keep In Shape Over The Festive Season

It is so easy to let yourself go over the festive season. With children on holiday, schedules and routines all over the place and amazing cheat meals everywhere we look, it becomes nearly impossible to stay in shape. It is ridiculous to tell you not to cheat and to make sure you train daily as life is also about enjoying yourself with your family and close ones. However, everything must be done in moderation. We can offer you some basic tips and guidelines to help you keep in shape and healthy over the holidays. 


Drink plenty of water

Yes this is always easier said then done however it is extremely important to keep your body and your muscles hydrated at all times. Water helps cleanse the body and keep your immune system strong and healthy. 


Don't over indulge

There will be some wonderful cheat meals available daily but it is important to limit yourself. Cheating all day every day is not the way to go. Choose your cheat meals wisely and limit them. We can not be having a free for all every night. 


Set realistic goals

You can not enjoy Christmas and New years and expect to be competition ready in January. Go easy on yourself and give yourself a break. You wont have as much time to stay in routine and get to the gym as you did beforehand. So be realistic and set small goals. The last thing you want  is to be disappointed in yourself so don't put too much pressure on yourself.


Find time to exercise

Remember that exercise is an exceptionally expansive word. This means that exercise can be going to the gym, or can be as simple as a 20 minute walk or swim, or even playing with the children. Anything to get the heart and blood pumping. This is vital if you want to keep your tone and shape. Be realistic once again and set yourself realistic goals and exercise when you can, in the best way you can.


Have fun

Always an important factor is to make sure you are lowering your stress levels and enjoying some much needed time to yourself and your loved one. This is a good time to lower levels or Cortisone by reducing stress and relaxing. This is very positive mood shift for the body and immune system and can help us reset our body for the new year ahead. Endorphins are wonderful for us and it is the best time of year to make sure you are smiling, laughing and enjoying life.