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5 Fitness Myths Busted

By Alexandra Botez

5 Fitness Myths Busted

Some of the old so called tried and tested exercises raise many questions. Do they really work? Are they really true? Are they proven? Lets take a closer look at some of these myths and decide whether they are true or not.

  1. Crunches. To me these are one of the biggest waste of time. Many people use incorrect form and use lower back and shoulders too much. Crunches also do not burn many calories. It is a better idea doing planks. 
  2. The more you are sweating, the more you are burning. This is dependent on each person individually. This is the bodies response to regulating the bodies internal temperature. This dos not mean one is burning more then the other. 
  3. Higher reps lower weight helps you cut. This is a very broad statement. It does not help doing hundreds of reps where the intensity is nowhere. No matter what you are doing, the intensity must always be there. I see too many people doing many reps but barely straining themselves at all because they are "cutting". Don't buy into that. 
  4. Stretching helps your body recover faster. Stretching does have many benefit but can mildly tire out your muscles before training and is best to do actually after training when your muscles are warm. 
  5. The more time in gym the better. Your body needs rest to grow and recover and the more you push your muscles too much, you will actually break muscle down.

I am not saying these are all complete rubbish, always take advice with a pinch of salt and do your own research. However, these are small common myths that you may be interpreting wrong. Our aim is to always guide you in the correct way. Keep on pushing ladies!